In my experiences dating in North America, I’ve noticed a potential mismatch between expectations and relationship realities. While it’s fantastic to have standards, sometimes it seems like there’s a disconnect between what some women desire in a partner and the broader dating landscape.

The Delusion Meter is a concept, not a judgmental tool. It’s designed to encourage a thoughtful look at these points:

  1. The Dating Pool: There are wonderful men out there, but the idea that every woman will find a “perfect” partner instantly needs realistic adjustment.
  2. Flexibility and Self-Reflection: Sometimes, holding onto a very narrow idea of a partner can be limiting. Could broadening your view on what makes a good match lead to more connections?
  3. Partnership is a Two-Way Street: It’s not just about what you want – are you meeting the standards of the men you’re hoping to attract?

The Delusion Meter isn’t about pessimism. It’s a framework for a more realistic approach to dating that could lead to greater satisfaction all around.