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Is your ideal partner real, or just a fantasy?
Find out with our Male and Female Delusion Calculator.

What Percentage of People in United States meet your standards?


30 - 60


2'6'' - 5'0''


$30K - $60K

Calculated using U.S. Census Bureau Data

Male and Female Standards Calculator | Delusion Calculator

We’ve all got a mental image of our ideal partner. Maybe they’re tall, dark, and handsome, or a brilliant, ambitious go-getter. But how realistic is your dream date? Our Delusion Calculator uses demographic data to show you the percentage of the population who actually fits your criteria. Are you being too picky, or are your standards surprisingly achievable? Let’s find out!


What is the Delusion Calculator?

The Delusion Calculator is more than just a number cruncher – it’s a fun and insightful way to explore your dating expectations. It takes the preferences you set for a potential partner – everything from age and height to education and income – and compares them against real-world demographic data. The result? You get a percentage that shows how many people in the population actually fit your criteria. It’s a lighthearted way to see if your dream partner is statistically common or a bit of a unicorn.

Is this scientific?

We definitely use real, reliable demographic data from sources like census reports and surveys. However, the Delusion Calculator is designed to be more of a fun, eye-opening tool than a strict scientific prediction of your romantic future. Attraction and compatibility are complex, and many factors beyond demographics play a role in who we ultimately connect with. Think of it as a playful reality check, not a love life guarantee.

Will this tell me if I’m being unrealistic?

The Delusion Calculator can definitely give you some perspective. If your match percentage is extremely low (like less than 1%), it might indicate that some of your preferences are quite rare in the real world. This doesn’t mean you’re “wrong” for wanting what you want, but it might be worth considering if some of your criteria are unnecessarily limiting your options.

Should I lower my standards if my match percentage is low?

Absolutely not! You deserve to have a partner who makes you happy and meets your needs. However, a low match percentage can be a good opportunity for self-reflection. Are all of your preferences truly deal-breakers? Are there any areas where you could be more flexible without compromising your core values? It’s all about finding a balance between your desires and the realities of the dating pool.

What data do you use?

We’re committed to accuracy, so we rely on reputable sources like official census data, large-scale surveys, and demographic studies. This ensures that the percentages you see are as realistic and up-to-date as possible, giving you a better understanding of the statistical likelihood of finding someone who matches your criteria.

Is my data private?

Absolutely! Your privacy is extremely important to us. We don’t collect, store, or share any of your personal information or the results of your calculations. Feel free to experiment and explore different preferences without worrying about your data being tracked.

How often should I use this?

There’s no limit! You can use the Delusion Calculator as often as you like. It can be fun to revisit it every now and then to see if your preferences have changed, or just to play around with different scenarios and see how the results vary.

What if I don’t know my ideal partner’s traits?

No problem at all! The Delusion Calculator is a great way to explore different possibilities. You can experiment with various settings to see how each factor affects your match percentage. It can help you identify which traits are most important to you and which ones you might be willing to be more flexible about.

Why is this called the Delusion Calculator?

It’s meant to be a fun, slightly tongue-in-cheek name. We all have a bit of a fantasy about our perfect partner, and sometimes those fantasies can be a bit… well, delusional. The calculator is a lighthearted way to bring us back down to earth and see our dating preferences in a more realistic light.